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Eron Strong
Claudia Nieto
Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Luis Monroy
Jorge Remolina
Apartado Aéreo 12344 Bogotá
Tel.:(011) (575) 3505648
Fax: (011) (575) 7774969
Unidad Residencial Mushaisa, Cerrejón
La Guajira, Colombia, South America
P.O. Box 229045 Miami Fl. Zip Code 33222




Colegio Albania is a bilingual, AdvancED and International Baccalaureate accredited school, in La Guajira, Colombia. The mission of Colegio Albania is to educate the children of the Cerrejon community in an environment which nurtures the development of each individual according to their needs, forming globally conscious citizens who, with a spirit of entrepreneurship and a commitment to life-long learning, strive to achieve excellence and contribute to the construction of a better world.

To be positioned nationally and internationally as a leading educational institution, characterized by exceptional student achievement, and by the formation of responsible and ethical individuals, proud ambassadors of their school, who are ready and willing to build a better world.

The academic year runs from the first week in August through the third week in June and is divided into three trimesters. School lets out for one month in December and two weeks at Easter.

Colegio Albania consists of the following sections: Nursery, Preschool, Elementary, led by the Primary Principal and Middle and High School, led by the Secondary Principal. Curriculum throughout the entire school is coordinated by the Academic Council with the assistance of two IB Curriculum Coordinators. Other administrative staff include the Director of Personal and Social Education, the Head of Administration, Head of Human Resources, Technology Coordinator and School Improvement Coordinator. The school Director reports to a Board of Directors named by the parent company (Cerrejón).

The school day begins early, (7:15 a.m.) and finishes at 3.30 with a break for lunch during which time all students return home to lunch with their families.

The school is divided into grades as designated below:
Coalba's Principal

The total number of students currently enrolled in school is 429. Coalba's Principal
Coalba's Principal

There is a strong commitment to support individual students through after-school tutorial sessions, an E.S.L. Department and a Special Services Department which includes specialists in Speech Therapy; Occupational Therapy and Counselling.

There are 107 (Teachers/Academic Administrators 77, Co-teachers: 15, trainers/musicians: 15) full-or part-time faculty members. Most faculty are from Colombia while 17 are overseas hires from US; UK; Australia; Canada; South Africa; Ireland and El Salvador.
Coalba's Principal

One of our most important objectives is to seek the integral development of our students by providing them with the highest quality education. Colegio Albania has had twenty-six graduating classes, all with very good results on the ICFES exams. In the last twenty three years, 54 of our students have earned the prestigious Andres Bello Award, one at the national level. In addition, twelve of these students won the Ecopetrol Scholarship Mejores Bachilleres de Colombia, and one earned the Carlos Haime Scholarship given by the Asociación de Amigos del Instituto Científico Weizmann to one of the ten best ICFES students in the country.
Coalba's Principal

In 2014 83.8% of Diploma candidates qualified to receive the full Diploma.
Coalba's Principal


Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá
Universidad Javeriana Bogotá
Mausi Sebbes Instituto, Argentina
Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla
New York Film Academy, USA
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canadá
EAFIT, Medellin
UIS, Bucaramanga
University of South Florida, USA
Intercambio Deportivo, Argentina
Universidad del Rosario, Bogota
Intercambio en Alemania
Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín
Universidad de la Sabana, Bogotá
UPB, Medellin

Our students represent Colegio Albania in a variety of events sponsored by schools and organizations throughout the country, such as Olympics (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computers, and Philosophy), Model United Nations, and a variety of sporting events. Students also participate in organizations such as the Student Council and the National Honor Society.

Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Chess, Taekwondo, Dance, Skating, Tennis
Also available: Racquetball; Golf; Baseball

Instruments: Strings, Wind, Brass, Percussion, Guitar, Bass guitar, Accordion.
Ensembles: Orchestra, Salsa band, Orff, Vallenato band, Rock bands, Choir.